Investigations explore the use of
different media, commonly used
disinfectants, and antiseptics.
Students investigate the effect of
pH on microbial growth, bacterial
morphology, staining, and lysozyme.

Microbiology Series

Investigations in this series explore aseptic technique and use of media, the Kirby-Bauer method, biochemical tests in microbiology, the effect of pH on microbial growth, ELISA simulation, and other key topics. Each hands-on investigation provides students with learning outcomes to master, such as explain and apply the aseptic practices used for microbiology experiments; describe the different categories of antimicrobial drugs; and explore how an ELISA can be utilized as either a quantitative or qualitative tool. All Microbiology Series kits include a Microbiology Starter Pack containing safety supplies and nonperishable laboratory supplies for use in multiple investigations, and a Microbe Set with lyophilized cultures of 4 different bacterial species. A Distance Learning Microscope may also be included depending on the investigations you select.


  • Aseptic Technique and Use of Media
  • Isolation Streak Plate Technique
  • Kirby-Bauer Method
  • Lysozyme
  • Estimating Microbial Population Size
  • Biochemical Tests in Microbiology
  • Hand Washing Techniques
  • Evaluation of Antiseptics and Disinfectants
  • The Effect of pH on Microbial Growth
  • Use of Selective and Differential Media
  • Food Microbiology: Creating Yogurt
  • The Effect of Water Activity and Osmotic Pressure on Microbial Growth
  • ELISA Simulation
  • Bacterial Morphology Virtual Lab
  • Staining Virtual Lab
  • Bacterial Shapes
  • Introduction to Graphing Dry Lab

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